About Rick Griffin

Rick Griffin is a Jackson, Mississippi based Landscape Architect who believes a back yard should be a carnival. “If you’re not having fun in your garden,” he says, “you’re doing something wrong.”

“If an idea gives you goosebumps – do it.”

Jackson’s first city landscape architect, Rick has been honored with an outstanding alumni award from Mississippi State University’s School of Landscape Architecture. The work done by him and his business partner, fellow L.A. Clifton Egger, has been celebrated in numerous magazines.

While deeply rooted in the South, Rick readily absorbs influences from gardeners and landscape architects around the world, adapting them to suit local conditions. His signature designs include a rich blend of shapes, textures and colours, layering contemporary – some might say quirky – elements on sound, traditional foundations.

Concepts developed for his high-end clients may use classic construction materials, but in his own garden, you’re as likely to find artwork by local children, repurposed second hand finds, fake grass, rebar or smashed up concrete. Rick insists that the design principle is the same.


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“I never make any major change to my garden without running it past Rick first. He’s made my outdoor space fun, functional and more eco-friendly.”  

Felder Rushing

“The cheapest thing you can ever purchase is good advice… Rick took one look and immediately knew what to do.”

Southern Living