Landscape Design With Curves

A Rick Griffin design for a small front garden in Jackson, Mississippi, has stood the test of time. It’s interesting to be able to compare the actual garden, fifteen years or so later, with the conceptual plan, shown below.

Actual garden - showing wooden decks, firepit, greenery and poolVarious minor changes have been made since the garden was first installed, but the organic structure created by the sinuous path and series of rounded decks still underpins the design. The wood has been stained with the trademark blueish green color that is so easy to place in the garden, known as Rick Griffin Green.

Front deck with chairs made from recycled tires

Other circular elements include the water feature, the fire pit, bowling balls, the chairs made from recycled tires, and the arched glass panels.

Conceptual garden plan with circles and curves

The original conceptual design shows how curved paths make the most of the available space. Rick says, “There are too many straight lines and angles in our lives – and most urban landscapes. Curves and circles are calmer and more liberating.”