Artifice In The Garden: A Faux Entrance

An oversized mirror with a mock gate

Our imaginations can be part of  a landscaper’s toolkit – all that’s needed is a visual hint to point them in the desired direction. When Rick’s daughter Amy told him he needed an entrance to the East for good Feng Shui, Rick set out to fashion a fake one.

Starting with an oversized mirror, framed by cedar tree snags foraged from local woods, Rick added a curved wooden gate-effect, painted a soft shade of green. The faux entrance provides a home for part of Rick’s extensive collection of hand-made birdhouses – gifts from his long-time business partner, Clifton Egger.

Decorative metal chairs surround a large fire pit to create an outdoor room. Thick green moss has been encouraged to age the brick paving.

You don’t need a huge mirror to create this effect. Rick cut a sidewall off an automobile tire, then hand-painted it to create a colorful frame for the mirror pictured below, a gift for Clifton, who set it on a wooden frame in front of a tall fence. Finials provide the finishing touches. Positioned this way, the mirror appears to be a circular window in the fence that allows us to peek out into woodland.

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A painted mirror appears to frame a view