…Enjoying The Garden

View of a garden from a raised area with a swing bench and comfy chairs

A garden can be a chore or a happy place. One way to nudge it in the right direction is to create seating areas where you can spend time relaxing with the people you love.

Rick and Shirley’s raised patio provides a wonderful overview of the garden. Bold colors and lights brighten this shaded area, making it cheerful and inviting, while the swing bench and chairs tempt people to linger.

Seating area with folded parason in summer

Steps lined with potted annuals lead from the patio down to a paved area which has several more seating areas, each providing a different perspective of the garden.

Annual flowers, large and small, tumbled together

Rick likes to plant summer and winter annuals in containers so he can fertilise them generously without fear of harming neighboring plants that need a less intensive feeding regime. Annuals add color, life and form – each providing a little extra burst of happiness.

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