Artwork Helps A Southern Home Sing

A lady in a blue dress surrounded by leaves and flowers

“I was brought up to believe the lady of the house should be in one of the main rooms.” – Rick Griffin

A visitor to Rick and Shirley’s dining room will be struck by the feature wall that forms an expansive frame for a painting. Two trees with intertwined branches meet to make a natural arch shape around the portrait.

Portrait with tree frame and mirror mosaic wall

Mirror mosaic fills the gaps between the branches, reflecting light and adding a layer of visual complexity. It makes the room very atmospheric, particularly when dining in the evening.

Table with stencil-effect leaf design in front of a mirror mosaic wall
This picture of the hand-painted dining table and mirrored wall is shared with the kind permission of Stages Mississippi

Shirley, wearing a blue gown, is surrounded by colorful, impressionistic flowers and fruit in Rick’s lifesize painting. Many of the couple’s favorite plants are represented, such as coneflower, rudbeckia, clematis and daffodils, reflecting their shared love of gardening.

Shirley with flowers

The real Shirley would dissolve into laughter much more quickly than the artwork might suggest, but Rick’s painting captures her spirit: her gentle smile and demeanor anchor the room.

Detail of oil painting: leaves and red flowers

Bold floral patterns add a sense of energy and vibrancy. This close up of red flowers shows the modern elements Rick has incorporated. He enjoys painting freely, with the mind’s eye.

As always, other patterns are combined with the floral painting in the dining room, including stripes, bead work and geometrics. We’ll be showing more of these and sharing ideas on how to mix and match patterns in a future post.